Yankees: Of course Padres’ grand slammer Daniel Camarena was ex-NYY


Wow, would you believe someone who accomplished something never-before-seen and is now the talk of baseball used to be property of the New York Yankees?

You know, the team that used to matter, but just got one-hit by Logan Gilbert?

One of the most shocking moments in recent MLB history — and I will debate anyone who claims that’s an exaggeration — occurred late Thursday night in Slam Diego when Daniel Camarena, an SD native freshly promoted from Triple-A, stepped to the plate against Max Scherzer hoping to help erase an 8-2 deficit.

Unfortunately for him, he’s a relief pitcher. But that didn’t stop him at all.

Camarena slugged a 1-2 low fastball diving in on him deeeeeeeep into the right field seats, creating an 8-6 game and laying most of the groundwork for an eventual 9-8 walkoff win.

Now, would Camarena be ripping grannies for the Yanks if he were still here? Of course not! But remember when stunning, special, and outright confusing moments used to benefit the Bronx Bombers all the time? These days, our former underwhelming farmhands go to California to rewrite the history books.

Yankees let Padres star of the moment Daniel Camarena go.

First of all, thank GOD Don Orsillo is out of Boston full time. What an announcer. What a call.

Second, the Yankees had a 5.00-ERA reliever for over a half-decade and never figured out he was Shohei Ohtani? What gives?!

“Are you really insinuating that the Yankees should’ve held onto a middle-inning reliever who posted a few mid-3.00s ERAs before regressing on the oft-chance he’d someday hit a magical home run off a future Hall of Famer?” No. We’re not that stupid. We’re just rolling our eyes that of course the latest story du jour was once in our system (for a long time, actually!) while we’re sitting here watching this dreck fondly remembering Corey Kluber’s no-hitter, the last time we were happy.

Perhaps we sound like spoiled children, but just let me say: “Waahhh, wahhhhh! Can we please have something fun?”

Not quite this fun, though. That’s impossible. This was unmatched. Just look at Daniel Camarena’s older brother, who was once the No. 2 starter in a collegiate rotation behind Mark friggin’ Prior.

This is among the genuinely stunning moments in this game’s grand and long collection of them.

And, on the same day discarded Yankees infield depth piece Brad Miller socked three Phillies home runs (and got his OPS+ up to 128), we also were forced to add Camarena to the list of former Yanks doing impressive things.

This was entirely unpredictable, but it still stung just the same.