Yankees: 3 blocked prospects NYY should try to steal in trades

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Logan Davidson #66 of the Oakland Athletics (Photo by Michael Zagaris/Oakland Athletics/Getty Images) /

2. Logan Davidson, Oakland A’s

If there’s one thing the Oakland A’s have in droves, it’s shortstops. And if there’s one thing the Oakland A’s like doing, it’s adding a bullpen piece or two during summers where they can actually go for it.

Add Oakland to the list of teams with embarrassing self-imposed financial restrictions that’s still managed to lap the Yankees in 2021 (Red Sox, here’s your reference).

In the A’s top 10, you’ll find a shortstop at Nos. 3 (Nick Allen), 5 (Logan Davidson), and 6 (international bonus baby Robert Puason). We’ve focused our energy on Davidson, 2019’s first-rounder, because of his pedigreed glove, solid bat tool, and the fact that he’s been lost in the shuffle a little.

After all, he’s been outranked by Allen, who’s tearing the cover off the ball (.340 at Double-A, 22 years old, seems directly out of A’s central casting), and Puason, still 18 and in his first professional season, who was the absolute haul of his international free agency period. The team won’t be giving up on him.

Davidson, still just 23, has the first-round label without first-round production that Yankees scouts will probably love to target in any deal. Again, this is likely in a Britton scenario and not Chapman, whose trade value — though diminished — should still net at least one sure thing.

If the Bombers can foist Chapman on the A’s and secure the services of Allen, that would be an unbelievable fit alongside Josh Smith, Peraza, Volpe, and the team’s other middle infield options. It seems more likely Oakland would surrender Davidson, though, and also more likely there’s a match there without Chapman’s high price being involved.