Yankees: Mike Ford dominating with the Rays will make you puke


When the New York Yankees traded Mike Ford to the Tampa Bay Rays, what did you think was going to happen? When the Rays ask you for one of your players, you should immediately hang up the phone.

Unfortunately, general manager Brian Cashman didn’t do that. He willingly dealt Ford to the Yankees’ division rival, and at some point he’s going to have to deal with the consequences.

Sadly, we’re already seeing a preview of it all. Remember when Ford’s hitting coach called out the Yankees for not giving him a fair shake? Was he … right?

Shield your eyes, Yankees fans, because Ford is serving up the business with Triple-A Durham ever since joining his new team.

Let’s take a look at Ford’s stats with the Yankees this year, both in Triple-A and with the big league roster:

  • AAA — .083/.207/.083 with three runs scored, zero home runs and one RBI in seven games
  • MLB — .133/.278/.283 with six runs scored, three home runs and five RBI in 22 games

Now, for the Tampa Turnaround:

Whoops! He’s now batting .333 with a .968 OPS in six games.

Former Yankees slugger Mike Ford is already dominating after six games with the Rays.

You’ve gotta be f– …

Ugh. The sickest part? We KNEW this was going to happen. It’s only a matter of time before the Rays manage to replace Yankee Killer Ji-Man Choi, who’s been hampered with injuries this year, with Ford. After all, they need another lefty bat to take Gerrit Cole yard more times than we’re comfortable with.

New York kicking Ford off the roster wasn’t anything unexpected. He simply wasn’t getting the job done over the past year and change, and even though they were both abbreviated sample sizes, time moves fast and there’s little to waste when you’re trying to contend for a title.

Ford got his chances in 2020 as well. Across 29 games (84 plate appearances), he hit .135/.226/.270 with five runs scored, two homers and 11 RBI. He was nowhere close to the 2019 version of himself. That Mike Ford registered a 1.007 OPS in 79 MiLB games and a .909 OPS in 50 big league games. We truly do not know what happened.

It’s been a trend, however. So many Yankees players who previously produced (or at least did something) took an epic nosedive since the start of 2020.

We just really hope the Yankees are using the $100,000 they got in return wisely. Because the Rays already look like they’ve gotten the better end of the deal.