Yankees: Phil Nevin’s Gio Urshela send summed up NYY’s nonsense


If the New York Yankees have a feel for the moment or do any research on their upcoming opponents, we have yet to see any evidence in 2021.

Hate this team? Hell yeah. Let me count the ways.

Friday’s opener in Fenway featured a series of incredibly stupid momentum swings after the Yankees tied the game at three in the second inning, but none of them were as brainlock-y as the Bombers’ attempt to re-tie the game in the fourth inning.

We’ll set the scene. Gio Urshela had just slid into second safely for a leadoff double with an excellent swim move. He was nearly gunned down in his prime but…he wasn’t. Great way to start an inning.

Miguel Andújar rocked the next pitch through the hole which should’ve set the team up with runners on second and third…until Phil Nevin intervened.

All Red Sox right fielder Hunter Renfroe does is gun down runners, and yet Nevin sent the gimpy Urshela home on the play. Safe or out? You make the call! Blindfolded, without even watching the action!

Yankees third base coach Phil Nevin got Gio Urshela gunned down by Phil Nevin.

Would you like to see a still image to further express just how moronic it was to send Urshela home and test the arm of Renfroe, who now sports 11 outfield assists all by himself?

Keep in mind nobody else makes more outs on the bases than the Yankees, and you’ve got your daily dose of stupidity right here.

This still photo should give you an idea of what we’re battling here.

Come. On.

Of course, the only reason the Yankees trailed at this point was equally dumb, except it was an instance of physical numbness rather than mental regression.

With a runner on second and one out, Domingo German induced a dribbling grounder to himself off the bat of Rafael Devers. Exhale!

Except, uh…German dropped this rolling baseball no less than 12 times, and the next batter hit a sac fly to center that would’ve been a regular ol’ out if not for this improvisation.

Someone get the Yankees out of Fenway with at least one win in the next two games. Not sure how you do it, but please, please, please do it.

Talk some sense into these fools.