Yankees: 3 NYY trade targets who’ve been wrecked by injuries

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Andrew Benintendi #16 of the Kansas City Royals (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images) /

1. Andrew Benintendi

Yeah, we’re probably barking at a fantasy here anyway, but Andrew Benintendi would’ve been an awesome lefty bat to have in this outfield rotation and a pitch-perfect way to strike back at Boston.

The Royals didn’t acquire Benintendi this offseason just to let him go so soon, and they’re also one of very few teams that added veterans in an attempt to win instead of tank, but … come onnnnn … just let us have hiiiiiimmmmm …

What little chance the Yankees had of dealing for Benintendi bit the dust when he mysteriously hit the IL with a rib fracture last week. The injury prevented him from facing the Red Sox (though the Royals took two out of three anyway), and has also removed him from the lineup as KC comes to the Bronx this week. No way! Something breaking the Bombers’ way? Benny can’t crush us to powder with his biceps while rocking powder blue? Don’t hate that.

Not quite a center fielder, but certainly a lefty masher whose level swing is well-tailored for the short porch, Benintendi would’ve been an excellent culture-changer and imperfect fit in the outfield for the Yankees. It probably wasn’t going to work out anyway without a lot of goading and an overpay, and Cashman is likely looking elsewhere, like Pittsburgh, for his contact bats. The rib injury closes the book here, though, long before chapter two.