Yankees: Gerrit Cole’s comments on ‘turnaround’ are exactly what NYY need


Are the New York Yankees back?

The Bombers have won five of their last six and, thanks to a little slide from the Tampa Bay Rays, they’re only 4.5 games out of first place in the AL East heading into a series with the sliding Kansas City Royals. It’s really amazing what a non-detrimental run of form can do for your team.

But don’t tell that to Gerrit Cole. The Yankees’ ace isn’t sold yet.

He’s seen this type of play earlier in 2021 shortly before the Yankees slipped right back into their all-too-common state of futility.

We wouldn’t fault him, either.

The Yankees should be better than 38-33, and nobody should be sold until there’s a more consistent product on the field.

Gerrit Cole isn’t sold on the Yankees’ turnaround … yet.

"“I think we’ve kind of felt like we’ve been in that position a few times this year. And we’ve responded quickly and decisively a few times, but not been able to carry it out consistently,” Cole said after Sunday’s win over the Oakland Athletics.“But I think the greater picture, I mean, we can play good for two or three games, but the season is 162. So in that respect, things have been trending well, since maybe we’ve looked in the mirror most recently. but we’re looking for something that’s consistent, and deliberate. and methodical over the course of the season,” Cole continued. “So that we can continually say that we get better and better and better and better, and not take one step forward. And two steps back, like Brett [Gardner] said. So it’s too early for me to tell you if it’s worked. We’ve been playing better baseball.”"

Remember the Yankees started the season 6-11? Then went 23-9? And then went 5-13? Yup, we hardly think a 5-1 run is going to convince anybody — especially Cole — of anything. And you know what? That’s the exact kind of attitude the Yankees need at the forefront.

Too often it feels like the Yankees are coddled. Manager Aaron Boone doesn’t exactly hold guys accountable when he has the opportunity to do so with the media. General manager Brian Cashman constantly says the team will turn it around because they’re talented — but talent isn’t everything! The team has hardly had an outspoken figure over the last four years that’s put his fist down to call out the collective group.

Cole didn’t exactly call anybody out, but it’s nice that he’s clearly working to set the tone suggesting that this — whatever it is — isn’t enough. We’re talking about the New York Yankees here. We’re not looking at a 5-1 stretch as anything but something that should be the norm and eventually sustained. This team was projected to win close to 100 games. We simply can’t be content with finally pulling away a little bit from .500.

Though Cole is typically soft-spoken and not exactly a demonstrative personality, the fact he’s refusing to find complacency in an encouraging run is the championship attitude the inconsistent Yankees need. That could be key for the Yankees’ turnaround.