Yankees: 3 Yankee Killers NYY can sign after 2021 season

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Marwin Gonzalez #12 of the Boston Red Sox (Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images) /

1. Marwin Gonzalez

We said it when Marwin Gonzalez signed with the Red Sox. We said it when they added Kiké Hernández, too. Neither player is going to completely change your franchise all by themselves, but those are the types of additions a team makes when they’re serious about versatility and championship experience.

So far, Gonzalez has struggled … except when he’s had the chance to change games at Yankee Stadium. Yay! Stop the earth, I want to get off.

Gonzalez is hitting just .196 with a stunningly low 58 OPS+ … and yet, he’s still been worth 0.6 WAR because of the defense he provides at multiple positions (or perhaps for his pitching prowess). Against the Yankees this year? Well, he’s batting .364 with a game-tying, seventh-inning homer and five RBI in a three-game span.

For his career against the Bombers, he’s hit .254 with six homers and 23 RBI in 38 games played (32 starts). That’ll play, especially since he’s proven recently that, even in a down year, he can still spray the ball to all porches in the Bronx (again, review the tape if you have to).

Gonzalez alone isn’t transformative, but his addition would represent a rededication to the elements of winning baseball, something the Red Sox seem to understand that we can’t comprehend. Get him out of there and bring him to our bench.