Yankees fans will love Brian Cashman’s trade deadline text to ex-GM


For Yankees fans, the trade deadline has come to mean just another day in a calendar year that signifies disappointment.

A lesser level of disappointment than a playoff loss or a September offensive swoon, but disappointment nonetheless.

Too often in recent years, the price of July transactions hasn’t been worth it for Brian Cashman and the Bombers, who either haven’t believed they were approaching meaningful enough upgrades, or were subjected to a “Yankees Tax” that forced them to pay more than their competition.

Was trading for Archie Bradley the “make-or-break” move of the Yankees’ 2020 season? No, likely not. But sometimes, you have to instill a sense of faith in the guys in the room that reinforcements are coming. Also, you sometimes have to be willing to be proactive with your assets before they rot (Clint Frazier?) or take up so much space on your roster that some have to be left unprotected (Garrett Whitlock).

So, what’s this 33-29 team to do this year? Certainly, their first-half record is no better than what the Yankees put out in 2020 before remaining stagnant at the deadline, and this season, the Bombers have $3 million of wiggle room before they hit the luxury tax threshold.

Will we be subjected to an endless series of “bounce back” speeches from Cash, Aaron Boone and Co. or are we making moves?

According to former MLB GM Jim Bowden on MLB Network Radio, we might want to expect some fireworks. No. Really? No way.

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Either Cashman has a new shipment of Spider Tack en route, or he’s getting to work on piecing together some trades for controllable assets at discount prices.

So, what are we talking about here? Starling Marte, seeing as he won’t be extended by the Marlins? A package of Pirates stars Adam Frazier and Bryan Reynolds, both of whom are young enough to fit seamlessly onto the roster for cheap?

Hal Steinbrenner finally throwing his hands up and relenting, daring his team to be great and adding Max Scherzer?! Almost definitely not, but that would be a surefire way to stop sucking.

There’s also the alternative, of course, that Ninja Cash is still just … excited about his roster and knows a bounce back can’t be far away, even though we’re verging on two disappointing years since the final pitch of the 2019 season.

If we were betting men (and we are), a move is coming, but not one that will hamstring the team’s finances moving forward. Some of the dead weight could finally be cleared. They’re going … to actually … try!

Of course, one more swoon against the AL East, and that expiration date on sucking might have to be pushed all the way until next winter.