Yankees: Corey Kluber’s injury updates continue to be confusingly good


As the New York Yankees continue to lose Gerrit Cole starts, we’re just sitting here hoping the sky doesn’t fall each and every day when it comes to Corey Kluber injury updates.

First, fans let out a sigh of relief when it was revealed his subscapular strain would only keep him out of action for two-ish months. But then everyone was worried because he was going for another opinion, which made it seem like something else may have been wrong.

Then, manager Aaron Boone said Thursday that the right-hander would begin a “ground throwing” program in the next few days. Wait, what? Wasn’t he supposed to be shut down for a month?

Now all of a sudden he’s ready to start working his way back?

Yup! Apparently. He’s already throwing, as per an out-of-nowhere update on Friday before the series opening against the Boston Red Sox.

Kluber is already back with the team and played catch at Yankee Stadium … again, when it was originally believed he wouldn’t be able to throw for another four weeks.

There’s not much clarity on Corey Kluber, but the Yankees are making it feel good.

There’s one confusing nugget here, however. Despite the fact Kluber is back to throwing already, his original timetable for return (eight or so weeks) is still the same. Confusing! But still positive. We’ll gladly take him back after the All-Star break. Hell, we’ll take him back at the end of August.

At the end of the day, Kluber simply needs to be preserved for down the stretch and in October (should the Yankees make it that far). And if he’s throwing right now as the team awaits more “information-gathering,” then that must be a positive development.

Many fans were already skeptical when the Yankees inked Kluber to an $11 million contract after he had pitched just under 40 innings over the last two years due to a couple of freak injuries. The Yankees, for four years now, have dealt with enough out-of-this-world ailments. They didn’t need another surrounding their potential No. 2 starter. So when Kluber went down, everyone assumed the worst.

But here we are. He’s injured, but he’s throwing. The updates are good, but more information is needed. His timetable remains the same, and that’s still what you’d call a “positive” development in Yankee Land.

Now, can we just get the offense to figure it out a little bit?