Yankees: Who is the player to be named later in the Mike Tauchman trade?


During Tuesday night’s slopfest against the Tampa Bay Rays, which featured a dramatic New York Yankees win after a Clint Frazier walk-off home run, the player to be named later in the Mike Tauchman trade with the San Francisco Giants was revealed.

Unfortunately, that news was overshadowed by the Yankees going down early to Tampa, retaking the lead, giving up that lead, and then failing to deliver in multiple favorable situations … before finally winning.

Now that we have some time before the third game of the series begins, let’s take a look at who the Yankees acquired alongside reliever Wandy Peralta.

If you like “baseball names,” you’ll certainly like this guy. Connor Cannon is now a Yankee.

Who is new Yankees prospect Connor Cannon?

Cannon is a slugging first baseman who was selected in the 17th round back in the 2019 MLB Draft. He’s yet to register an at-bat since 2019, though, and has not surpassed Low-A.

On the bright side, he absolutely rakes, and in his 37 career minor league games, he’s slashed .324/.394/.669 with 32 runs scored, 13 home runs and 38 RBI.

Also, according to FanGraphs, Cannon and Chris Gittens are the only two prospects that possess an 80/80 power rating. As for his “scary” injury history, which was noted by one evaluator, we have no idea what that means. Further information has yet to surface.

A classic Yankees’ acquisition, if you ask us.

Cannon attended UC Riverside and played there for three years. Across 142 games, he hit .286 with a .906 OPS and added 83 runs scored, 36 home runs and 105 RBI. The 23-year-old has to get back on the horse in 2021, however, because it’s been a while since he’s stepped into the batter’s box.

Need a refresher on how the other players from this trade are doing? Tauchman and Peralta got off to hot starts with their new teams, but then came back down to earth relatively quickly.

  • Tauchman’s stats with Giants: .189/.318/.289 with 14 runs scored, 2 home runs and 8 RBI (and he’s played some great defense in the outfield)
  • Peralta’s stats with the Yankees: 3.86 ERA, 1.07 WHIP and eight strikeouts in 9.1 innings of work. Most recently, since May 16, he’s allowed four earned runs on three hits and five walks in five innings of work. On Tuesday night, he faced three batters and walked two lefties … and he’s a lefty reliever.

Not the greatest swap of all time, but it’s not terrible. Peralta has indeed gotten the Yankees out of some tough spots and Tauchman’s delivered in clutch situations at the plate in addition to helping the Giants defeat the Dodgers in a weekend series after robbing Albert Pujols of a walk-off home run.

Now we wait to see how Cannon brings this trade home.