Yankees Rumors: Joey Gallo trade package seems in NYY’s wheelhouse


Inevitably, Yankees fans of all shapes and sizes will have to decide over the course of the next two months whether they’re in or out on Joey Gallo. Sorry. That’s simply how the baseball world works.

Unlike previous Twitter-manifested targets like Luis Castillo or Archie Bradley, it seems like the smoke behind a Gallo trade may actually be enough to morph into a fire.

How powerful that fire is when it gets here is yet to be determined, though.

Gallo hits rockets. Gallo strikes out. Gallo might whiff thrice per game in a playoff series while also mixing in three of the most majestic bombs you’ve ever seen. He’s flawed, he’s awesome, and he’s probably very available … right? So what’s the trade package look like?

According to a “rival executive” (seriously, who is this one guy in the Red Sox front office who just loves to talk shop?), Gallo seems moderately attainable, and based on the level of need throughout MLB, will be in focus for plenty of teams.

Per this rival, a high-ceiling prospect and a mid-level prospect should do it.

What would a Yankees trade package for Joey Gallo look like?

As far as we can tell, a “high-ceiling” prospect can range as high as MLB-ready Deivi Garcia and as low as the slightly-lower-upper-echelon pitchers like Luis Gil or Luis Medina. Would we surrender Garcia for Gallo? No, as long as someone else like Kris Bryant was also on the market.

Would we front a Gallo package with Gil or Medina, though? Sure. Absolutely. Use your pitching prospect capital while you still have it. Things can literally go wrong at any moment — and if you haven’t learned that yet, you never will.

Now, here’s a question: would Clint Frazier be able to slide into the package in place of a “high-ceiling prospect”? The answer seems to be … probably not. And based on the other parameters, he’d be an overpay. If Frazier is dealt, this isn’t the place where it will occur.

As of now, this feels like … Luis Gil and No. 15 prospect Ezequiel Duran for Gallo. Perhaps No. 14 prospect Josh Smith, whom the Rangers could then turn into another Nick Solak clone?

Would you do it? At least if Gallo were on the Yankees, he wouldn’t be spun into the ground by the Yankees’ pitching staff. So that’s a plus.


Gallo’s not our favorite target, and his production hasn’t quite matched his reputation since he “turned a corner” and figured everything out in the first half of 2019.

That said, he plays a capable center field and is a Gold Glove-caliber defender, and this Yankees team can’t be grinding Brett Gardner into the ground, even as he starts to play a bit better lately.

An outfielder must be acquired. Gallo can be had for an underwhelming package. Connect the dots and block the Mets.