Yankees: 3 rumored trade deadline targets fans can already rule out

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The New York Yankees will be in the market for a high-profile player at the trade deadline. At this point, however, we’re just not exactly sure what position general manager Brian Cashman will choose to address with the potential big splash.

The starting rotation? Infield? Outfield? We can see any of those.

As of right now, the outfield is taking precedent due to the Mike Tauchman trade, the likely season-ending surgery for Aaron Hicks, and the continued struggles on offense from Clint Frazier.

We can surely identify teams that likely won’t be in contention by the time the July 31 deadline rolls around, which helps narrow down trade candidates, but some of the buzz and prognostications have perhaps went a bit too far.

The Yankees will not be freely making deals for whomever. There are financial concerns. There are fit concerns. There are value concerns. And if any GM takes his time to get it right in every facet, it’s Cashman.

We could still very well be surprised with what the Yankees do, but if the last few years were any indication, fans should simply rule these guys out right off the bat. No need to waste our time getting our hopes up or projecting an unlikely scenario.

Don’t expect the Yankees to chase these three potential trade candidates.

Charlie Blackmon #19 of the Colorado Rockies (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Charlie Blackmon #19 of the Colorado Rockies (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images) /

3. Charlie Blackmon

If we know one team for SURE that will be selling over the next two-plus months, it’s the Colorado Rockies. They got actively worse in the offseason by trading Nolan Arenado and had a major front office shakeup shortly after. The goal now will be to acquire as many assets as possible.

That means they’ll have to part with most of their top guys. Many insiders have suggested we could see Trevor Story, Jon Gray and Charlie Blackmon on the move. While those first two players could be Yankees targets, do not expect Blackmon to be one of them.

He’s simply the easiest one to rule out due to his contract situation. The four-time All-Star is making $21.5 million this year, meaning the Yankees would likely have to pay him at least $10 million the rest of the way in any hypothetical deal. But that’s not all. Blackmon has two player options for 2022 and 2023 and they’re worth $21 million and $10 million. There’s almost a 0% chance Cashman will be inheriting that much salary.

The ONLY way this would happen is if the Rox agree to eat a significant portion of Blackmon’s remaining money in exchange for a bigger trade package. While that could happen, there are simply too many other attractive targets out there to warrant the Yankees digging that deep to acquire a soon-to-be 35-year-old.

While he checks all the boxes (lefty slugging outfielder who can hit for average and power), the money doesn’t line up in the slightest.