Yankees: Trevor Story’s DJ LeMahieu friendship will raise your eyebrows


The New York Yankees have a serious Gleyber Torres decision to make in 2021, and they’ll likely wait until the very end of the season to gather as much data as possible on their 24-year-old shortstop.

That’ll probably be too long a wait for a Trevor Story trade, though, as his new boss with the Rockies seems quite resigned to dealing another one of his top assets for peanuts at the deadline.

Now what Yankees fans have to hope for is some middling contender acquiring Story without choosing to also pony up for an extension, allowing him to fall right to the Bombers this winter…if the team so desires.

DJ LeMahieu wouldn’t have a problem with that outcome.

Story appeared on Jomboy and Jake’s (and, fine, Trevor Plouffe’s) Talkin’ Baseball podcast this week to open up about, among other things, his ongoing friendship with LeMahieu.

Though you might’ve assumed they were close (in a “second baseman-shortstop from several years ago” kinda way), the friendship is absolutely still both ongoing and blossoming.

Per Story, the two “stay in touch…all the time.” Wonder what they’re talking about these days?

Yankees trade target Trevor Story opened up on his friendship with DJ LeMahieu.

Yes, The Machine absolutely has the capacity to keep in close touch with ex-teammates. It’s not out of sight, out of mind, no matter how robotic and emotionally grounded he appears on the field.

Story addressed that too, humorously, admitting that LeMahieu is too quiet on the field to get the most out of playing first base. Honestly…we’d never thought about it like that! Give us a gabby first baseman like Luke Voit any day.

Though the Yankees do not currently have a vacancy at short or second, every rumor that surrounds Story’s future has connected him to the Bombers in recent days. The team’s M.O. is not “Add Impact Players, Ask Questions Later,” but it probably should be if Story comes cheap.

After all, that’s how they got LeMahieu in the first place, right? There wasn’t a spot for him, Troy Tulowitzki was going to start at short in Didi Gregorius’ stead (what), and then two weeks later…welcome to the lineup.

If the landing spots above actually materialize, the Yankees will unfortunately have to battle their butts off with a competitive offer if the Rays really come calling.

Then again…if the destination’s Tampa, that makes an offseason high-dollar deal with the Yankees all the more likely.

Maybe the old friends will become AL East rivals for a few months. Then they can really get to talking on Oct. 1.