Yankees’ latest trade buzz is very obvious and better be true


At 22-18, the New York Yankees are now closer to achieving their destiny than they were when the team was mired at 6-11 in an offensive rut.

That means it’s time to fix their flaws instead of being devastated by them, unwilling and unable to make any adjustments.

The strangest thing about the Bombers’ slow start was that the team was…fully healthy. They were simply struggling exactly as they were constructed, which wasn’t exactly promising.

Stars like Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Gleyber Torres would surely eventually revert back to the mean and produce at a high level. Intrinsically, though, the offense was extremely right-handed, which they couldn’t fix without importing some additional talent.

Holding it down for the lefties were…Jay Bruce, Brett Gardner, Mike Tauchman, and occasionally Aaron Hicks. Stunningly enough, Rougned Odor wasn’t a flawless solution here, either (though we do like the guy).

So it should come as no surprise that the Yankees are focusing on adding lefty bats at the deadline — and they’d better be serious about the pursuit.

Which lefty bats can Yankees trade for at 2021 MLB trade deadline?

The list from which the Bombers can choose, at a low cost, is long, which means they better have the mental fortitude to pluck a helpful name.

David Peralta of the Diamondbacks springs to mind, as does the surprisingly versatile Joey Gallo of the Rangers, who plays a Gold Glove center field, even though you probably don’t think of him that way. Ian Happ of the Cubs, who’s struggling just as much as Clint Frazier right now? Andrew Benintendi, formerly very much of the Red Sox?!

Charlie Blackmon out in Colorado? He’s too expensive and aging…so, in other words, if George were still alive, he’d be ours.

Bottom line, the Yankees have to get something. They’ve managed to become even more right-handed over the course of the season, which seemed impossible, dealing Tauchman for Wandy Peralta and potentially losing Aaron Hicks long-term (who wasn’t hitting well from the left side anyway).

We’ll be heartened if the Bombers make good choices as this pivotal campaign drags on, but we’re not getting our hopes up until the horn blares.

After all, there were clear deadline needs blocking the Yankees’ title pursuit last year, too, and they opted for nothing in favor of Archie Bradley and the like.

If it feels like the pressure’s mounting for this current core, that’s because it is. Get a lefty bat with serious thump. Get an outfielder. Don’t spend more than you have to, but work to finish the job instead of hoping the job accidentally finishes itself while failing to properly set yourself up for success.