Yankees: Giancarlo Stanton hits 10-day IL as pain streak continues


We understand loving Giancarlo Stanton. We do! Personally, we very much enjoy his contributions to the New York Yankees, which have included a series of lasers and a recent hot streak that carried the team for about two weeks through the Astros series.

Of course, it must be said that the Stanton detractors who believe his body is too injury prone to constitute a full season of Major League Baseball…they might be right, too.

Stanton has been banished from playing the field in an effort to stay healthy. He hasn’t even breathed in the scent of the outfield grass yet this calendar year, save for a few spring training warmups.

Yet somehow, some way, he managed to strain his left quad, and will miss the next week or so (at least!) on the 10-day IL.

When did the injury occur? No way of knowing; Stanton was in the lineup for Friday’s game until he wasn’t, scratched after reporting soreness.

Does it matter? At this point, soft-tissue injuries seem inevitable for the slugger. Might as well get it out of the way in May.

Yankees star Giancarlo Stanton has hit the 10-Day IL.

Be honest: the second Boone said Stanton “could be a player for us” in Texas, you knew that he wouldn’t be, right?

Also…why are we calling up an additional pitcher instead of a bat while the bench is thin?

Luckily (?), this IL stint is retroactive to 5/14, as Boone wasn’t tempted to use his slugging bat at all over the weekend in Baltimore, even on Friday night when his bench consisted of exactly one healthy man, Mike Ford.

Stanton, one of the game’s streakiest hitters, batted .154 in the seven games that preceded his soreness, with one home run (and a walk-off single) during that span. Before that point in the timeline, he had been scorching, going 7-for-9 with two homers at one point during the Houston series.

We thank him for his contributions thus far, but to see a leg injury develop when the team was so careful is very disturbing. It makes you feel hopeless. It makes you wonder if anything can be done to keep him on the field long-term.

It makes you wonder whether playing at the Trop in Tampa should be outlawed (it definitely should be).

Again, the sun rises. The sun sets. Giancarlo Stanton has an injury the team doesn’t think is major, but they rest him anyway. They rest him again. He hits the IL. C’est la vie.

Hopefully, when he returns, he’s able to approximate his scalding production from just before the injury kicked in.

The man doesn’t play the field. He tries to minimize his sprints around the bases. We understand if you’re annoyed. Your concerns are valid. This is baffling and maddening.