Yankees: Jasson Dominguez hype train rolling after sweet-swinging double


New York Yankees fans were upset when Jasson Dominguez wasn’t put on a minor league roster when the time came a little while back.

Instead, the team opted to keep him at extended spring training to get him familiarized and let him work at his own pace. Not a bad idea.

Hey, at least we’re finally getting footage of the mega prospect on a baseball field in the United States with real pitchers and position players. That’s all we’ve really wanted.

Now, we truly won’t be able to handle any highlights of The Martian because they’ll feel too real. Fans got their first taste on Wednesday and, as expected, couldn’t contain their emotions.

Dominguez RIPPED a double to left field in his first at-bat of what looks to be some sort of instrasquad game. There’s live pitching, live hitters and position players executing their defensive assignments.

It’s almost as real as it could possibly be.

Yankees: Jasson Dominguez highlights! We have them!

He got another hit (a single) in his second at-bat. Then he stole second! Look at him run the bases. For a guy his size, you’d never expect it to be that smooth. Imagine the ground in center field he’s going to be able to cover?

Look at the mentions below both of those tweets. Fans are certifiably freaking out and the hype train is trudging full steam ahead. Everyone’s already wondering where his next stop will be.

Oh, we’re sorry, did you forget he was a switch-hitter? Understandable. So many of his best clips feature him batting lefty.

It was previously speculated he’d start the 2021 season at High-A Hudson Valley, but that was squashed once he reported to extended spring. Assuming his stay in Tampa continues to go well, though, don’t be surprised if he’s there by the end of the year. Yankees coordinator of baseball development Mario Garza told reporters on Wednesday that it’s likely the GCL (which begins play on June 28) will be his first stop in organized stateside ball.

Once the clock officially starts ticking, the discourse here will not end until we see Dominguez in the Bronx and smacking homers into the bleachers. Could it be sooner rather than later? We truly don’t know. That’s up to Dominguez.

If he happens to continue turning heads as the Yankees outfield endures various question marks (poor defense, nonexistent offense, injuries, etc.) then we could get the perfect concoction to result in some good old legitimate speculation.