Yankees: Todd Frazier gets in NSFW Twitter war with Pittsburgh writer


As far as former Yankees cameos go, you won’t find many in recent years that were as universally beloved as Todd Frazier’s.

Frazier defected to the Mets soon after — and ended up in Flushing for a second stint after heading to Texas — which dampened our flame for him just a little.

Regardless of where his career finishes, though, the third baseman will always be one of the key catalysts for the Yankees’ 2017 playoff run, and the first person who comes to mind every time I flash a particularly powerful thumbs down.

So it was quite surprising, to say the least, to have to watch Frazier throw virtual hands with the Pittsburgh media after his release from the Pirates this week.

For whatever reason, amid a lost season in the ‘Burgh, media member Mark Madden seemed especially vindictive when Frazier caught his walking papers.

Did Frazier struggle in 2021? Absolutely; he recorded just three hits in 35 at-bats.

But were his on-field scuffles worth this comment from Madden? It was so outwardly red-faced that Frazier just had to respond in kind.

Former Yankees catalyst Todd Frazier is in a fight with Pittsburgh media.

Alright, well … we’re not sure why Madden and Frazier had so much vitriol saved up for each other, and we’re definitely not sure why Frazier resorted right to personal attacks. Got to be more to this, right?

Let’s call this one a draw. We don’t want to get involved.

Love you, Flava Fraz, but I’m going to let you fight this battle.

Madden punched back, unfazed by the inclusion of a photograph of himself, and went straight to the facts: Frazier can say whatever he wants in response to recent bouts of breaking news. He was still cut by the tanking Pittsburgh Pirates.

Anybody else want a hot dog? No reason.

We’re going to choose to bury ourselves in better days here and not focus too closely on Frazier, an excellent clubhouse presence even as his skills waned, battling Pittsburgh’s blogosphere.

He’ll likely have a new home soon, and he’ll likely galvanize that clubhouse, wherever it may be.