Yankees: Luke Voit’s return hype video will have you running through walls


How is Luke Voit a real guy who exists? And how lucky are we that the universe sent him to the New York Yankees?

After what’s felt like decades of Yankees baseball being dominated by the absolute biggest names in sports, as well as a few personality-less cogs in the machine, we finally have a guy to call our own who seems like an underdog packaged in an overdog’s body.

He’s the kind of patient and powerful baseball-destroyer who came out of nowhere that Yankees fans usually love to hate on teams like the Red Sox (or, ahem, the Cardinals, where we stole him from), except this time, he’s ours.

And on Tuesday, he came back.

Voit was activated to the Yankees roster on Tuesday, just in time to face off against the team’s nemesis, the Rays, for three games in Tampa.

He came prepared with a hype video that should have you ready to punch a hole in the paper bag roof at Tropicana Field.

Yankees first baseman Luke Voit posted an excellent hype video for his return.

As expected, the Bombers missed Voit significantly during his absence, which was announced on March 27 when it was revealed he’d need meniscus surgery to repair an unexpected knee issue.

What we didn’t anticipate was just how much we’d miss Voit’s tangibles and intangibles — and, to be fair, we also didn’t anticipate him being back so soon, even as Aaron Boone assured us it’d be before June.

Jay Bruce was supposed to be the Yankees first baseman in Voit’s stead, but he struggled through a few weeks before literally giving up the game of baseball (and helping to spur the Yanks’ recent winning ways). Mike Ford (and briefly Miguel Andújar) haven’t been much help at first base either, leading to a mind-boggling .150 average, .494 OPS and just 19 hits, all of which rank last in the league at the position.

19 hits! Voit might match that Tuesday night.

As expected (based on these numbers), the Yankees are just as excited as the man himself is for this glorious return.

When the Yankees hit a longer-than-expected stretch of brutal play to begin the season, the common refrain was to find a way to .500 by the time Voit returned.

He’s back, and the team is 18-16. Low-bar mission accomplished.

Now, ideally, Voit’s unique blend of league-leading power and motivational charisma can start this group’s meteoric rise.