Yankees: Alex Cora’s response to Astros boos is accurate but frustrating

Former Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora, with an S-eating grin (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)
Former Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora, with an S-eating grin (Photo by Julio Aguilar/Getty Images) /

Before Alex Cora was the cheating manager of the Boston Red Sox, he was standing in the Yankees’ path as the cheating bench coach of the Houston Astros.

For one extremely successful man, he sure has done a lot of cheating. At least, though, he faced significant repercussions, losing his job as Boston’s manager in the wake of revelations about his behavior in Houston.

Oh, sorry, read that wrong. Smudge on the paper.

After 60 games worth of tanking by the Red Sox, he was immediately hired back after the team accrued a high draft pick and forced veteran manager Ron Roenicke to lose a bunch of games before being sacrificed.

He got a year of relaxation at home during the pandemic, then got to walk back to his old job. Harsh punishment.

Needless to say, Cora watched the goings on in the Bronx this week, where his old team was serenaded with the boos and bad karma that he deserves.

The Boston manager spoke about the Bronx cheer, and accurately assessed what’s coming for the Red Sox when they travel to New York. What he didn’t get right, though, was his insinuation that he and his cohorts have suffered enough.


Alex Cora watched the Yankees boo his former Astros.

“What we did was wrong. Three people got suspended. Another one doesn’t have a job in baseball.”

Alex, you’re 100% correct. Carlos Beltran should be allowed back in the game of baseball — especially since you and AJ Hinch were.

Do not act, though, like your “suspension” in any way adversely affected your managerial career. Hinch’s wasn’t touched, either; he got one of 30 MLB managerial jobs just a few months after his public tarring and feathering, and he gets to lead a rebuild in Detroit with Riley Greene and first overall pick Spencer Torkelson. What a life sentence.

As for you, Mr. Cora? You walked back to your own job! There is no difference between your job in 2019 and your job in 2021.

If this is contrition, then fantastic. But it sounds as if you believe there have already been serious repercussions for your actions, and that simply isn’t true.

Oh, and by the way — you can count on cascading boos when your Sox come to New York. June 4-6. People don’t forget. If Jose Altuve got roasted, we’ll save plenty for the real ringleader.

Maybe you’ll feel consequences for the first time in your career. Understand that’s a forbidden word in Boston.