Yankees: Even DJ LeMahieu spoke out against Astros in Tuesday postgame


When you’ve got quiet and stoic DJ LeMahieu breaking the mold to subtly burn the Astros in a public forum, it’s clear that the Yankees, all the way down to the 26th man, know the protocol here.

Show no mercy. Never forget what they did to the league. Always punch back.

The Bombers got the ‘Stros in Game 1 of this three-game set Tuesday night, recovering from Alex Bregman’s first-inning homer and Yuli Gurriel’s nearly-gone game-tying double to left to post an awesome victory and a symbolic rallying cry.

Fittingly, LeMahieu — one of the main differences between the 2017 Yankees and today’s group — delivered the final blow, a squibbler that wound up in Bregman’s bare hand before eventually rolling down the opposite line, scoring three.

After the game, LeMahieu didn’t shy away from attempting to carry out the punishment Rob Manfred refused to dole out.

Remember when MLB’s commissioner said judgment was supposed to come from the players and fans, not the league? Yeah. Just LeMahieu cleaning up other peoples’ messes, as per usual.

Yankees star DJ LeMahieu doesn’t think the Astros hate is going to stop.

We’re glad that even LeMahieu spoke up, and also, we agree with him. When is this hate going to slow down? Certainly not in 2021, after Houston received a cakewalk 2020 spent entirely online, trying to justify their own behavior and magically morph into the victim.

You know, like the worst Animorphs cover, where an overweight adult transforms into a rat.

LeMahieu has loosened up a bit over the past few months, calling out the Astros, calling the atmosphere “wild” (and fun for him), and going out of his comfort zone to compliment Giancarlo Stanton.

LeMahieu, personally, embodies exactly what the Yankees need to counteract the Astros’ might. Power? Sure, both teams have that in spades. Aaron Judge and Yordan Alvarez can both bop.

But wasting a pitcher’s bullets? Taking walks and constantly battling? LeMahieu knows he needs to embody that role as best he can, taking Zack Greinke to the woodshed in the second inning Tuesday. If Jose Altuve is going to keep sliding backwards, LeMahieu has the chance to be the preeminent pest in this rivalry.

And he’s chosen not to shut his mouth so far.