Yankees: Aaron Judge’s recent comments suggest he’s flipped a switch


The New York Yankees have won two games in a row. The offense is alive and the starting rotation has provided quality outings.

Sure, both have come against the Detroit Tigers, who are the worst team in baseball, but the Yankees have a thing for playing down to their competition. Fans are wary no matter the opponent.

So when they’re able to pitch well and score 16 runs on a barrage of hits and homers, it feels good, especially after the two painful one-run losses against the Orioles this week.

Even better is star slugger Aaron Judge giving fans some quotes to get excited about.

Judge is typically reserved and has diplomatic responses to every question, whether pressing or not, but it seems like he’s fed up with the Yankees’ slow start as well as the criticism in response to it (as well as his days off due to soreness).

He came back from his two-day layoff from that soreness on Friday night and proceeded to go 2-for-4 with two home runs (one of which was a grand slam) and five RBI in the 10-0 win. When asked about his physical status, this is what he had to say:

Yes. YES! Give to the media, Aaron. Let the world hear it.

Then came Sunday. A 6-4 win for the Yankees was made possible yet again because of Judge, who went 3-for-5 with three RBI. He was 2-for-2 with runners in scoring position and notched two two-out RBIs. Again, it didn’t come against top competition, but fans have been all over this team for failing to hit with runners in scoring position in addition to the lack of situational hitting.

Now, with a potential sweep on deck for Sunday, Judge wants it all.

Yes we do, Aaron. Yes. We. Do. Now THAT’S the sound of a captain. Stick a fork in the Tigers! They’re done tomorrow. Finito.

As for Judge’s performance? It’s speaking for itself. He’s largely remained healthy despite the dreaded soreness, and he’s been delivered in key situations whether it’s been noticeable or not.

He’s now slashing .291/.396/.581 with 11 runs scored, 7 home runs and 18 RBI in his first 24 games. He’s four games away from matching his season total from 2020. If he can stay healthy, we could be looking at another MVP caliber season.

Let’s hear Judge talk about that next. That’s the kind of confidence the face of the Yankees need to exude.