Yankees: Clint Frazier reveals he chose No. 77 simply to troll the haters


Clint Frazier became a New York Yankee when he was traded to the Bronx in the Andrew Miller deal with the Cleveland Indians back in 2016.

Ever since he arrived in New York, he’s been followed by some sort of controversy, too. Sometimes that’s just the way it is.

Unfortunately for the outfielder, it happened from the jump. A rumor heading into the beginning of the 2017 season made its rounds, suggesting Frazier had asked the Yankees to unretire Mickey Mantle’s No. 7 so he could wear it.

I mean, who started that? Someone running a Red Sox/Second Amendment WordPress blog? Who in the WORLD would believe that?

But a lot of people did. Some ran with it and used it as ammo against Frazier’s ego. “Really, this kid coming in here thinking he can supplant an all-time legend and change the way we do things?!”

In the least surprising news ever, it just wasn’t true. General manager Brian Cashman refuted it. Frazier has since refuted it multiple times. Even worse for the haters? Frazier’s current number 77 is a direct shot at all of them.

Yankees OF Clint Frazier’s No. 77 is a big ol’ troll job.

Though it shouldn’t be all smiles for Frazier at the moment because he’s off to one of the worst starts of any player in Major League Baseball, this at the very least speaks to his personality. “Oh, you thought I wanted No. 7? Great, here’s two 7s for ya. Enjoy your day.”

That’s the Frazier Yankees fans know and love. The guy who isn’t afraid of criticism or the big moment. The guy who’s ready to use his lightning quick bat speed to barrel a ball into the seats (though we’re still waiting to see that in 2021).

And the guy who’s willing to go full extension for a ball in the gap when his team is down four runs late in the game.

That’s the energy we need coupled with the exceptional play. Though Yankees fans are impatient and have gotten loud, it’ll all be worth it when they have his back once he’s firing on all cylinders.

As for the haters, you can deal with the double Mickey Mantle on his back for now.