Yankees: Domingo German just silenced his on-field critics in Baltimore


Domingo German joined the 2021 Yankees equipped with plenty of baggage, and there are critics of the 28-year-old starter who will never come around on him, no matter how many gems he twirls. That is completely understandable.

But for those whose criticisms revolve entirely around his on-the-diamond capabilities, they’ve been left questioning their own evaluations recently, especially after Wednesday’s masterful German start in Baltimore.

For the second consecutive night, the Yankees received a quality start from a pitcher not named Gerrit Cole.

And for the second consecutive German start, he was able to navigate through six or more innings with the lead, though this game was decidedly more impressive.

Last week against Cleveland, German allowed a good deal of hard contact against the Indians in his first positive step of the 2021 season, taking home a victory for his troubles.

This time around? His 95 MPH fastball and change consistently dotted the corners, and he brought nasty stuff to a no-hit bid that had very little to do with the fact that the Orioles offense was on the other side of the ball.

Yankees starter Domingo German dominated Wednesday vs the Orioles.

When German was returned to the Alternate Site following another homer-happy outing against the Tampa Bay Rays in his second start this year, many fans hoped the team would be able to effectively replace him in his absence, rendering him once again unnecessary.

Much like George W. Bush, the man let his painting do the talking on Wednesday, though, and made early-season assessments of his arsenal seem somewhat foolish.

This pitch, in particular, to Maikel Franco to send him trudging back to the dugout in the seventh was as perfect as a pitch can get.

The locker room’s approval of German appears to be performance-based. This much was evident by the departing salute he received from his teammates after the seventh inning was over.

Count me among those who did not believe German had nearly enough to offer on the field above his possible replacements to justify his return to the 2021 Yankees roster.

It’s becoming harder and harder to complain about performance as German’s spring training form begins to return, though, and fair or not, the reasons for the Yankees bringing him north clarified themselves a bit again in an efficient masterpiece Wednesday night.