Yankees: Aaron Boone loses it after ump show on Aaron Judge brain fart


Leave it to the eighth inning of what should’ve been an easy win against the Baltimore Orioles to give us the most inexplicable play of the first month of the Yankees season.

After seven snooze-worthy innings, the Yanks loaded the bases with one out against lefty Tanner Scott, who had no idea where the baseball was going but still managed to strike out Rougned Odor.

“Rally” snuffed out, right? Darren O’Day’s balk would be the difference, yes?

Well…not exactly…but we still can’t explain why.

With the bases loaded and two out, Gio Urshela ripped a dead fish changeup from Cesar Valdez into the left-field corner. Job well done!

Unfortunately, Aaron Judge sprinted for third and was thrown out. He may or may not have been safe? We’ll never know.

Not only did the home plate umpire bar Aaron Boone from challenging the play, but he took a run off the board, incorrectly claiming that DJ LeMahieu’s foot didn’t touch home plate in time.

Why did the Yankees lose a run on Aaron Judge’s brain fart? It led to Aaron Boone’s ejection.

Boone, who didn’t lock eyes with the umpire who told him he “took too long” to raise the issue at any point, went ballistic. And he was right!

But also, there was a laundry list of other catastrophic errors baked into this one.

Why did Judge make the final out of the Yankees’ last rally at third base? Why not challenge reflexively on what was obviously the biggest play of the game?

Why not take your walks against Tanner Scott?! Why Rougned Odor cleanup?!

Anyway, let it all out, Aaron.

Will this tirade wake anyone up? It certainly didn’t in the ninth; the Yankees trudged down 1-2-3 against a throwback closer they’ve shown no inclination to hit in 2021.

This completely bizarre play sums up the Yankees’ cold start better than any other so far, and so did the complete lack of explanation.

Like everything 2021 Yankees-related, we can’t figure out a lick of what just happened here.