Yankees: YES broadcast team goes dead silent because NYY is so unbearable


You think YOU’RE bored with the New York Yankees after their 5-10 start?

Try being a member of the broadcast or play-by-play team. God bless John Sterling for dealing with this at the age of 82.

But as for the YES television broadcast team, it feels like Michael Kay, David Cone and Paul O’Neill can hardly get through games. If you watch and listen closely, you’ll notice long stretches of silence during almost every broadcast.

There are three people working! Nobody’s got anything to say?

On Tuesday night, during yet another slog of a Yankees’ performance, the radio silence reached over a minute!

Sixty seconds sure doesn’t sound like a long time, but it’s painfully long when we’re talking about keeping viewers and listeners somewhat captivated.

Snooze. 1-2-3 inning. Strikeout with runners on. Weak choppers to third base.

It’s understandable these guys are bored out of their mind, but don’t former players in Cone and O’Neill have more to say about this dreadful start? They played major league ball, didn’t they? Wouldn’t some insight on this current stretch of play help fans understand what might be going on? Perhaps a different perspective on the matter could have everybody putting down their pitchforks for a moment.

As for Kay, he’s fairly spirited on his radio show, during which he loves to rip the Yankees. Maybe we can get a lite version of that? Anything? Something?

Giancarlo Stanton’s fourth straight multi-strikeout game. Nothing. Three hits through seven full innings AGAIN. Minimal commentary. Manager Aaron Boone uses four relievers in a span of two innings after removing Jameson Taillon, who threw just 80 pitches. Not much to say, we guess!

Did Kay, Cone and O’Neill sign an NDA with the organization or something? Are they not watching what we’re watching? But sure, let’s break the silence with a “and here’s the 1-0!” in the middle of a random at-bat in which listeners have no idea who’s pitching or who’s hitting.

Eh, fine, we’ll cut them some slack. We’re unconscious too. Before you know it, general manager Brian Cashman is going to sleep through the trade deadline.