Yankees: Luke Voit rehab update came at perfect time


Nobody should be cleared from a surgical procedure before they’re ready to come back, but if the New York Yankees could get Luke Voit back any day now, that’d be greeeeaaaattt. Thanks.

Voit announced his partial meniscus tear that required surgery on March 27, altering the Yankees’ Opening Day roster at the horn and paving the way for the recently-retired Jay Bruce to make the team after all.

Remember when we were talking about trading Mike Tauchman to clear a Bruce spot? Remember that?!

When Voit hit the shelf, Aaron Boone assured us we’d see him “well before” June, but we had every reason to be skeptical of that timeline.

Our first reason? The Yankees’ timelines are never, ever accurate.

Our second reason? …Really, a surgery’s going to be completely resolved in under two months? Yeah, believe it when I see it.

Well, per Boone (and our pregame visuals from Saturday), Voit … really does look pretty great. He’s begun working at first base and might start swinging Tuesday, and in conjunction with these developments, the team could really use him.

The Yankees’ Luke Voit update indicates he’ll be back soon.

Even if Voit can’t play, can we simply … place him on the active roster anyway? The Yankees carried a retired guy on Sunday in Bruce. Not sure how this is that different.

Voit was the team’s unheralded second MVP in 2020; DJ LeMahieu got the public accolades and the big contract, but the burly first baseman put up video game numbers, smashing 22 home runs in just 56 games to lead the American League.

Perhaps more importantly, he was the only one in the locker room willing to look the assembled media in the eye and say, “We aren’t good” during the team’s extended slump at the end of August/beginning of September. On the heels of his proclamation, the Yanks ripped off 10 straight wins to get back to 10 games over .500.

They could also use an infusion of his bat as well as his verbiage right now, considering the roster skeleton he left behind is literally last in MLB, OPS-wise.

So, yeah. Don’t rush back, but hurry back.

The team misses you more than words can say — yes, even your harsh words. Adding Voit’s bat back to the lineup while shifting LeMahieu back to his natural position and removing Rougned Odor from everyday action … would be bliss.