Yankees: Umpire Jerry Layne is killing NYY and Michael King Friday


Every one of the New York Yankees’ first 13 games has been a torture chamber for fans in 2021.

Is it short season fatigue? High expectations? Or just spectacularly bad performance after spectacularly bad performance?

Combination of all three, perhaps?

On Friday, though, the team’s struggles were once again due to their lackluster offense, which barely put the ball in play against a phenomenally hittable Michael Wacha. There was a second culprit, though, in home plate umpire Jerry Layne, who often acted like he’d never seen a two-seam fastball before despite reaching the age of 62.

Michael King throws a heavy ball that often runs back towards home plate and nicks corners. It’s probably his best attribute.

Nobody told Layne, though, who didn’t give him the edges whatsoever. In the fourth inning, his malfeasance led in large part to a three-walk rally, with this 2-2 pitch to Brandon Lowe standing out as his worst miss. It elicited the mild-mannered King to screech, “Come ON!”

Umpire Jerry Layne is ruining the Yankees’ day.

King, expected to take over a “bulk” role following Nick Nelson’s stint as the opener, lasted only three innings, in large part due to Layne forcing him to throw extra pitches repeatedly.

The righty was good! He stranded a ton of Rays on the base paths and his stuff appears to have leveled up a bit.

Unfortunately, the Yankees’ bullpen is now further depleted, and they have Layne’s negligence partially to blame.

We only gave you one example of a missed call, though, right? Layne’s a veteran. This must just be typical Yankee fans whining and using the umpire as a crutch.

Well…about that…let’s take a look at the zone.


Look at all that blue! Look at all those called balls that blatantly nicked the edge (or more!) and were given to the Rays instead.

The Yankees aren’t beaning the Rays on purpose, but if this game gets further out of hand, we wouldn’t blame them if they wanted to toss one Layne’s way. Through 13 games, add the home plate umpire in a home game to the list of things conspiring against this drowning team.