Yankees: Trenton Thunder throwing shade at NYY on Twitter is karma at its finest


Oh yes, you better believe it. Another awful narrative has reared its ugly head for the New York Yankees at the onset of 2021. Everything continues to look bad.

As if Wednesday’s walk-off loss at the hands of the Toronto Blue Jays wasn’t enough given all the factors — benching DJ LeMahieu, Giancarlo Stanton, and Clint Frazier, another bad outing from Corey Kluber, more of the same from the offense, and a whole lot of nothing from manager Aaron Boone — there was some insult to injury added afterward.

Remember the minor league drama from this past offseason? You know, when the Yankees hung Staten Island, Trenton and Charleston out to dry during the realignment?

Well, now the Trenton Thunder will be hosting the Blue Jays’ Triple-A affiliate in 2021 after the Yankees high-tailed their way out of there and moved to Somerset, NJ, and let’s just say the Thunder were totally on board with the Yankees falling flat on their faces Wednesday.

What goes around comes around, and the Yankees are getting a healthy dose of reality with their embarrassing start to the new season.

You know it’s bad when your former minor-league affiliate is putting you in blast for the world to see.

Yankees fans’ moods? Living Monday on loop with no coffee and a stack of papers on the desk. And we don’t appear to be close to getting out of the woods.

The rotation is awful. The fundamentals don’t exist. The offense is silent and refuses to battle. Forget about situational hitting — you can’t do that if you’re not making contact! That all makes the Yankees an easy target right now, and the Thunder pounced at the right time.

New team. Walk-off homer. Series victory. See ya in late May.

The Yankees are now 2-4 against the Blue Jays to start the year and they have no excuses. Everyone is healthy (aside from Luke Voit, Zack Britton and Luis Severino). There should be nothing holding them back. The “slow start” argument doesn’t seem to be the case with every other contender in MLB. The criticisms are coming from every angle, and deservedly so.

And it’s no longer the Thunder’s problem.