3 Yankees players who’ll be gone by the All-Star break

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Frustrated with the New York Yankees’ performance to start the 2021 season? We have good news!

Some of the chief offenders will be gone in a few weeks, and you’ll never think of them again. Remember Kendrys Morales? Exactly!

Oh, you thought … you thought our “good news” might be some way the Yankees could actually improve? Oh, that we don’t have. Their starters’ ERA outside of Gerrit Cole is over 6.00 and they rank 20th in hard-hit rate, between the Diamondbacks and Orioles.

Better luck next time!

You can’t expect any major changes to this roster at the trade deadline, as Brian Cashman has just a handful of millions in wiggle room under the luxury tax threshold to play around with. Either Cash gets an extremely controllable young asset (unlikely) in some sort of 2004 Nomar Garciaparra-esque culture reset, or he doesn’t do anything at all under Hal’s watchful eye.

Mercifully, though, there will be a few struggling players cut loose in the next few weeks.

One of these guys we hate to see go, but it simply feels inevitable. One, we could go either way on, but his rope is small.

One of ’em? The day he leaves will feel as freeing as the second vaccine shot, or when Tyler Wade got demoted.

However long these Yankees’ journeys are, they’ll feel like blips on the radar by mid-July.

These 3 Yankees won’t stay on the MLB roster past the All-Star Game.

Albert Abreu #84 of the New York Yankees (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images) /

3. Albert Abreu

Thank you, Albert Abreu, for saving a four-run lead in extra innings against the Tampa Bay Rays with your 99 MPH cheddar. That was excellent. Without that easy inning, the Yankees’ already-bleak picture would look extremely dire.

In his second outing of the season on Tuesday against the Blue Jays, though, he didn’t quite have it. He also didn’t have it this spring, but stuck around in the Bronx when the Yankees discovered he had an extra minor-league option nobody else knew about.

Abreu was the man for the moment on Sunday since he just so happened to be on the Taxi Squad, but based on what we’ve seen from the non-Gerrit Cole members of the rotation thus far, the Yanks are going to rely on a lot of different arms off the Scranton Shuttle to soak up the final innings of various blowouts.

For too long, Abreu’s been a tantalizing prospect who’s seen his shine become diminished over the years instead of grown. When he arrived in the Brian McCann trade, he was a potential top-of-the-rotation starter. Now, he looks like a smoke-throwing reliever who can’t really be trusted to command the ball in key situations.

Odds are that, by the All-Star break, this 40-man roster spot will be occupied by someone else, and the Yanks will try to get some form of relief in a small trade.