Yankees: DJ LeMahieu flips out on umpire for terrible strike zone vs Blue Jays


Let’s preface this by saying the New York Yankees, from an offensive standpoint, have done themselves minimal favors to start off the 2021 season.

They’re taking a maddening amount of pitches. They’ve lacked aggression. They’re not very poised in the box.

So when they don’t have the home plate umpire on their side, it’s a real problem, and DJ LeMahieu finally had it on Tuesday night.

Erich Bacchus was behind the plate — he made his MLB debut as an ump last year — and it’s been a bad evening for the man, to put it nicely.

The Bombers were already out-matched on the mound with Hyun-Jin Ryu going up against Jameson Taillon, so giving Ryu an expanded strike zone is the last thing New York’s offense needed.

Bacchus called a fairly low strike on LeMahieu, which sent him back to the dugout, and he was NOT happy. Is this the most upset we’ve ever seen The Machine?

Activate Angry.

Manager Aaron Boone came out of the dugout too. He had some words with Bacchus and calmed down LeMahieu.

It would be nice for the Yankees to lift the lumber off their shoulder, though. Some of these are strikes according to the stupid K zone — even if they aren’t being framed well by the catcher — and it’s an unfavorable look to be arguing with the umpires when you have … two hits through five innings.


As for LeMahieu, you could feel his frustration boiling over since he’s been slumping since the 2020 postseason. He went 6-for-22 with zero extra-base hits in the ALDS and has started this year extremely slow … by his standards. LeMahieu has already struck out eight times and grounded into three double plays through the first 10-plus games, which are totals he didn’t reach until games No. 18 and 48 last year.

Historically, the Yankees have laid into Ryu. But not in the two times they’ve faced him in 2021. They might want to turn around their entire offensive approach after what fans have endured so far because this is not sustainable … especially when you’re not getting help from the umps.

Don’t believe us? Well, DJ LeMahieu kind of flipped out here, and we never see that, so that’s all you need to know.