Yankees fans still skeptical after Aaron Boone’s Clint Frazier comments


Clint Frazier is the New York Yankees’ starting left fielder. Nothing to see here.

He hasn’t started for two consecutive games after a tough first week of 2021, but that’s what starting left fielders typically do, per the Yankees. They don’t start.

Mountain out of a molehill here.

On Sunday, Brett Gardner will play left field in a rare example of Aaron Boone playing the hot hand; after all, Gardner was one of very few Yankees who brought the patina of effort to Saturday’s dreary 4-0 loss.

We entirely understand why Gardy is in the lineup yet again. This team needs to see a semblance of offense, and he was the only one to provide any in Game 2 of this dreary series.

But if Frazier really is a starter for this team with a long leash, then Gardner should’ve given Aaron Hicks a breather in the series finale instead.

Is Clint Frazier really the Yankees’ starting left fielder?

Early returns on Frazier in 2021 haven’t quite lived up to expectations — but then again, have any of the Yankee bat looked like themselves thus far? The 26-year-old has provided just five hits in 25 at-bats and his approach has been off thus far, featuring a few swing-out-of-your-shoes at-bats in RISP situations followed by ice-cold glares at strike three, scenarios in which he typically thrives.

One day off to get his head right? We get it. But two in a row? Is that how you show faith in a player who already broke out last year, and should be a major factor in this team’s success? Is that how he finds his bearings?

The Yankees would like you to believe Sunday’s move is all about lefty-righty balance, which only becomes important to the team when there’s an opportunity to bench Frazier.

After all, given myriad chances to add left-handed options to the lineup (Michael Brantley? Tommy La Stella?), the team passed, only adding a few lottery tickets like Jay Bruce to the bench.

Gardner is certainly the hot hand, and we could’ve predicted back in February that he was going to find his way into the lineup more often than not.

How will we ever know what we have in Frazier, though, if Boone and the team’s head honchos replace him with a 37-year-old at the drop of a hat for days on end? Starters don’t typically sit out for entire series.