Yankees: 3 dream trade targets after first week of 2021 season

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Joey Gallo #13 of the Texas Rangers (Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images) /

1. Joey Gallo

The Yankees just called the Rangers about their absolute worst player. Perhaps they’d like to reengage about somebody who’s actually valuable?

Don’t let Joey Gallo’s bulk fool you; he can fill in almost anywhere if need be, including center field.

Once Luke Voit returns, he might be an excellent salve for Aaron Hicks’ struggles, floating around the outfield to give the Yanks a more enticing backup plan if Aaron Judge/Hicks/Giancarlo Stanton have to miss extended time. Want more proof of how “open” the outfield is despite the perception that it’s clogged to capacity? How often has Brett Gardner already played this season?

How often has he batted third?

The outfield picture is tomorrow’s problem, though. For now, Gallo can serve as a clear and present upgrade over Bruce while maintaining his left-handed advantage.

So, what are the negatives here? He strikes out? Well, allow him to join the club. Gallo’s an above-average defender at multiple positions in need of insurance, he’s an on-base monster, and he hits moonshots that Bruce can only dream of.

At a certain point, the Rangers will need to stop treading water, and should realize that they could garner a wealth of prospects by offering up their most tradeable asset. He’d be an ideal acquisition for the Yankees, and would likely weave his way into 100+ extremely valuable games per year.

Would’ve been a great get this offseason, though, and since the Yankees passed once already, he’ll remain a dream for now.