Yankees Rumors: Trevor Story-DJ LeMahieu quote will get fans churning


The Colorado Rockies…well, they really beefed this whole thing the second they let DJ LeMahieu walk out the door to the Yankees, now didn’t they?

There is no longer a human on earth who believes the Rox will find a way to re-sign their stalwart shortstop Trevor Story, leaving nothing left but to map out the destinations.

Drooling Yankees fans would love it if Story chose to roost in NYC, especially after Wednesday night’s game.

Luckily, the latest rumors indicate such things aren’t so crazy after all…if the Yanks decide to pivot from their current payment plan.

There is plenty of baked-up reasoning to doubt the Yankees will spend tremendously this offseason, even after resetting the luxury tax. And on a middle infielder? If so, then why did they re-sign DJ LeMahieu in the first place?

Set that to the side for a second mentally, though, Bombers fans, and soak in this quote from a rival MLB executive. Just…allow yourself to dream.

Good friends DJ LeMahieu and Trevor Story together on the Yankees…?

We don’t know how the Yankees feel about Story, either, but we’d have to think that (while covering their eyes and looking at his upcoming paycheck) they’d approve of the player.

A 35-homer bat who can approach .300 and racked up a remarkable 21 defensive runs saved in 2019? Of course, if we could have even one defensive run saved right about now, we’d be 4-2, which greatly alters the context of this conversation. But we digress.

Imagine a Yankees shortstop doing this. Don’t hurt your eyes crying while doing so.


We’re only six games into this season, far too early to judge an experiment, but it’s difficult to properly contextualize something when you’ve just been smacked in the eyes with a wet, sticky L thanks to your greatest fear materializing.

Not sure an executive waxing rhapsodic about LeMahieu and Story’s potential recruitment vacation at the end of this season really helps us live in the moment mentally, but it certainly is a fun fantasy.

Corey Seager feels like a more perfect theoretical Yankee, but Story has more of a chance to stick at short long-term and actually solve this growing problem. Add in all the ancillary elements executives are buzzing about, and you may have something here.