Yankees: Domingo German shares family moment after spring finale


Yankees starter Domingo German has come extremely far this spring after two years of inactivity — and with our personal feelings removed from the equation, it’s clear the man and his family have attempted to change his narrative as his role with the MLB club became further clarified.

When camp opened, German was in the conversation for the Yankees’ fifth starter job, but was clouded by controversy, especially after Zack Britton’s non-endorsement of his character.

Yet somehow, just a few weeks later, German has shown the exact opposite of rust, and has risen to not only win the competition with Deivi Garcia and others, but will be starting the season’s third game.

He’s certainly got his family behind him, too, as they’ve witnessed every step of this meteoric rise up close.

After German’s final spring start (the first of the entire month in which he allowed an earned run), his wife Mara posted this adorable video on Instagram featuring their son, Gian.

She also offered a poignant quote that summarizes their experience together so far, claiming the pair will be “marking a new story and deleting so much pain”.

Yankees starter Domingo German is getting love from his family.

Again, this is straight from Mara’s keyboard, presented without commentary.

Mara Vega, the now-wife in question (the pair was recently married), was once German’s girlfriend, and was the subject of the reported violent incident that resulted in his suspension from Major League Baseball.

No matter your perspective on the situation at hand, emotional posts like this make it clear that the couple is attempting to persevere in the spotlight of New York City. It will be difficult for fans to properly contextualize German’s family life, and that’s understandable. But Vega attempted this week to display the love that exists between the two, and their adorable son, on social media, ahead of a massive campaign for both the franchise and the player.

Earlier in the offseason, we certainly endorsed the Yankees creating a plan for the 2021 season that did not include the services of German. We can’t hide from it. We can’t pretend we felt differently. We were more comfortable watching this season without German at the forefront of it, and we did not anticipate his pitching prowess would even enter the conversation after such a long layoff.

In the one month that followed camp opening, we’ve seen him display a level of artistry on the mound we never expected, and (at least publicly) he’s brought the full support of his burgeoning family along with him.

This year could be special in the Bronx, and this appears to be the way in which German plans to be a part of it.