Yankees: Luke Voit speaks to YGY about quarantine and why 28 is coming


If the New York Yankees are collectively Savages, then it’s entirely possible Luke Voit is the leader of the movement.

Since arriving midway through the 2018 season in an at-the-buzzer deal with the Cardinals, all Voit has done is absolutely rake and look fresh doing it, bringing an all-important swagger to the Yankees that the team somewhat lacked before his tenure in pinstripes began.

This year, though, isn’t about continuing to cultivate an attitude or smashing home runs to earn personal accolades (Voit’s 22 in 2020 led the American League).

It’s about finishing the job, something our muscle-bound first baseman is completely aware of.

Voit spoke to us on Thursday on one of the precious few spring afternoons left before the games start to count. Just because it’s spring ball, though, does not mean the guys have any excuse not to be professional.

“Usually, Boonie here, or one of the guys, is yelling at us for having a little too much facial hair. Luckily for me, my beard stinks,” Voit emphatically told us, “so I can probably get away with five or six days’ worth, and that’s what the Schick Hydro stubble eraser lets you clear.”

“I let the lettuce grow out a little longer than what it is, I had to get it cut before spring training. It was a little bit unacceptable for pinstripes,” the slugger continued.

Yankees star Luke Voit is rejuvenated for 2021.

In an offseason coming directly off a quarantine, in which a lot of his teammates experimented with different looks (shoutout to Giancarlo Stanton’s afro), Voit didn’t necessarily want to change anything.

After all, his 2020 was a dream — though all of that was ultimately meaningless to the AL home run leader, who watched his team exit stage right in October yet again, frustratingly playing their final home game in San Diego.

“Yeah, I did pretty good, but me doing good obviously wasn’t what the main priority was. And when it came down to it, we didn’t, and it stunk,” Voit stated. “This is three years in a row of us making the playoffs and getting eliminated halfway through, which left a lot of tough patches on the boys. That’s why we’re champing at the bit to get this season going and have a little redemption.”

One thing was predominantly clear during our brief chat: the guys in that locker room are ready. They want to head north. They want to bash in the spotlight. And they’re rooting for each other.

In other words, no, there’s no internal rivalry about who’s more of a weight-lifting beast (I pried!).

“No, there’s no rivalry about that. I wish I looked like G, though [Giancarlo Stanton],” Voit laughed, echoing the sentiments of every man on earth. “I think I’d have to frickin’ not eat carbs for like five years to look like him. He’s a beast, Judgey’s a beast. They’re physical specimens. They’re just shaped a little bit differently than us guys. I wish them a healthy season this year, and I can’t wait for the damage they’re about to do.”


And speaking of that damage…when can we expect it, exactly?

“I cannot wait for April 1, even though it’s gonna be small. I hated that pumped-in music,” Voit surprisingly said, considering he mashed amid the canned crowd noise last year. “Roll Call’s gonna be great. Just having some normalcy.”

Last year was a “season unlike any other,” but 2021 really could mean a return to normalcy.

And for the Yankees, that means championships.

Voit sounded as ready to win the whole thing as anyone on this planet, and he provided a very concrete explanation for why this year’s the year.

“Swagger,” Voit said simply. “Our swagger we have in the locker room. We’re a bunch of savages, brother. We’re ready to get after it.”

Luke Voit spoke to FanSided on behalf of the Schick Hyrdo stubble eraser, which shaves up to seven days of stubble with less tugging and pulling for a comfortable shave.