Yankees: Andrew Cuomo called out for abomination NYY-Mets mask


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been under fire in recent weeks for any number of legitimate scandals, from sexual misconduct to undercounting nursing home deaths during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. You’d think that as he hangs by a thread between resignation and resumption of his duties, the Yankees would be the least of his concerns right now.

Somehow, you’re wrong.

Cuomo held a press conference alongside Al Leiter and CC Sabathia on Thursday afternoon to announce that Yankee Stadium would be open at 20% capacity for Opening Day, and even during that relatively simple task, he couldn’t get out of his own way.

Because, you see, Cuomo’s the kind of guy you all knew back in middle school. He’s always liked both.

Which, you know…is what you say when you like winning over everything. Mets bad? Go Yankees! Yankees underperforming? Always been a Mets guy anyway.

It’s embarrassing enough to say it, but it’s far grosser to wear it, which is what Cuomo did on his mask Thursday. The Governor sported a dual Yankees-Mets logo mask, a clear affront to God, and the gear was so bad that he was swiftly called out by brand-new Met Jordan Yamamoto.

Governor Andrew Cuomo has no idea how to be a Mets or Yankees fan.

This might be the dictionary definition of what a “politician” is. “Oh, gotta keep my constituents happy…but some are Yankees fans and some are Mets fans…hmm…got it! I’ll say I’m a fan of both teams and upset everyone! Also, this is surface-level nonsense and it’s what I care about instead of enacting real change!”

Uh…where were we? Oh, right, new Mets pitcher Jordan Yamamoto sniffed right through this BS.

Cuomo’s attempt to play both sides and straddle the line on Thursday came off as disingenuous as the freckled child who wears both hats to a baseball game and sets up down the line trying to collect autographs and BP balls from both teams. Basically, Cuomo proved he’s Governor Zack Hample.

You know, I’m far from anti-mask in general…but this mask? I could be swayed.

We’re looking forward to Cuomo’s press conference about reopening plans for the 2021 NFL season where he rocks a three-sided face-guard helmet with Giants, Jets and Bills logos and confesses he hasn’t had a favorite player since the OJ Simpson days.

Couldn’t possibly go worse than Thursday’s display.