Yankees: Clint Frazier wears perfect troll shirt after Wednesday’s win


The New York Yankees have stayed winning both on and off the field this week, and Clint Frazier has certainly been at the forefront of all the noise.

First, he brought his thunderous bat to the party Tuesday, going 3-for-3 with a massive dinger to cap off his day.

After the game? Well, it was revealed that Frazier texted a friend he’d BRB as the game was beginning, claiming he’d take about an hour to “slap Michael Fulmer around” and then get back to him.

Living up to the meaning of the word “savage,” now are we?

On Wednesday, Frazier put his pettiness on display once again, but in a way that


poked fun at himself.

Remember the Frazier-Mickey Mantle snafu? Feels like ancient history by now.

It’s safe to say, though, that the old Clint Frazier maybe wouldn’t be so quick to laugh at all this.

Can we talk about Clint’s on-point wardrobe this spring? First the 1996 Newsday World Champions cover tee for his report date, and now a vintage mid-90s … WWE belt Mickey Mantle tee? Fine work, kid.

What does Yankees OF Clint Frazier have to do with Mickey Mantle?

For those of you who don’t recall — after all, it’s felt like Frazier’s had nine different Yankees careers — he started his tenure in the Bronx with a silly controversy that was probably all hearsay.

Someone heard it from someone who heard it from Hal Steinbrenner’s butcher that Frazier, upon arriving in the Yankees organization, asked team brass about whether or not they’d ever think about unretiring Mantle’s No. 7.

Maybe he said it as a joke? He probably never said it at all.

Needless to say, the rumor caught wildfire, Brian Cashman had to step in to deny it, and Frazier was branded as spoiled and brash from before he ever made his MLB debut.

Watching Frazier confidently stride into the Zoom Room wearing this shirt from a bygone controversy definitely made us feel a little warm and fuzzy.

Not only has Frazier fully shed that label, but he’s now literally wearing the “Mantle” comp to have a laugh.

Also, the shirt’s slick in and of itself. Another choice Wednesday at Yankee camp for a team clicking on all cylinders waiting for Opening Day.