Yankees fans have to love Greg Bird attempting to revive his career with Rockies


Hey! Don’t be so negative all the time. We’ve got some silver linings and feel-good stories that’ll make any pessimist think twice.

In fact, there’s one on the periphery of New York Yankees spring training. Old friend Greg Bird, who is now with the Colorado Rockies, seems to be working on a career revival.

Though Bird famously didn’t work out with the Bombers thanks to some mysterious foot injuries and awful batting averages, Yankees fans have been enjoying watching him get back on track with a new team.

That new team, however, is one of the most downtrodden in all of Major League Baseball. Some might argue the Rockies are right on par with the Pirates thanks to all of the self-inflicting wounds they’ve committed in the last year.

Trading Nolan Arenado and not yet signing Trevor Story to an extension in his contract year would get even the most undedicated fanbases ready to riot, but their cost-cutting teardown has given an opportunity to Bird, and it seems he may have a shot at breaking camp with the NL West club.

He’s still only 28 years old! Come on, Greg!

He’s not having the strongest spring training — that lowly batting average (.130) is still rearing its ugly head — but the fact he’s hit a walk-off home run, walked four times, and scored three runs in his 23 at-bats after missing all of 2020 isn’t the worst of signs.

It also helps that he’s a lefty. That’ll give him an edge as the Rockies trim down their roster. He still has a lot of work to do, though.

Fellow first basemen Connor Joe, CJ Cron and Josh Fuentes are all out-performing him at the moment. Then again, Baseball-Reference is predicting that Bird is going to get 204 plate appearances in 2021. Will it be with the Rockies?! We truly don’t know, but maybe his recent stretch convinces Colorado otherwise.

He’s probably a more attractive option than those other guys given his age and upside, especially if he’s healthy and seeing the ball a little bit better. He’s got Yankees fans in his corner, that’s for sure, so maybe that positive energy will propel him to get some big league reps this year.