Yankees: Suzyn Waldman hilariously roasts Texas for Opening Day plan


Nobody involved with the New York Yankees is more excited for a return to normalcy than the franchise’s storied radio broadcast team of John Sterling and Suzyn Waldman.

Both have developed an iconic partnership over the past 16 years together in the booth, but 2020 felt a bit like the end of the road — seeing as the entire season was completely different and mostly separated.

Luckily, there’s now a light at the end of the tunnel for Waldman, 74, and Sterling, supposedly 82 but extremely mysterious.

But only if everyone plays their cards right for the next few months!

That explains exactly why Waldman’s guttural reaction to the Texas Rangers opening their ballpark to anyone and everyone for Opening Day speaks volumes.

40,000 people in the red-hot heartland in a city that’s removed its mask mandate? Yeah, best of luck with all that. Waldman won’t be there.

And, yes. There’s video.

Yankees announcer Suzyn Waldman is glad she’s not in Texas. Stupid.

On the other side of the coin, the Yankees will have 10% capacity available to welcome George Springer and the Toronto Blue Jays to the Bronx for Opening Day. We can all agree that’s a much better capacity at the moment.

Waldman made the best of her 2020, though it looked far different than anyone expected for a team with championship aspirations.

She opened the campaign by making good on a years-long, pre-free-agency promise to Gerrit Cole, singing the anthem prior to his first-ever Yankee Stadium showdown against the Boston Red Sox. The Yankees, unfortunately, ended it in the doldrums, bringing a 33-27 record into the postseason and losing an ALDS Game 5 heartbreaker, a season ended once more by Aroldis Chapman.

2021 brings with it a lot of positivity, the promise of vaccinations, a glimpse of the end of the tunnel, and a potentially renewed offense and rotation in the Bronx. We’ve got our hopes up, but…well, not to the same degree Texas does.

Three maskless strikes and you’re out? Yeah, that should go well. It’s not ’til the third instance of mask removal that the virus gets the idea to come out and play.

We can’t wait to get back into the stadium either, but there’s a difference between returning to normalcy and being reckless. We’re very much Team Suzyn on this issue.