Yankees’ Chad Green ‘update’ is a gigantic exhale


The Yankees should know better than to leave a lingering hint of an injury on a Monday night, then let it fester for 12 hours without clearing anything up.

After all, this is not our first rodeo.

It doesn’t take a Yankee fan much to go from “cryptic roster omission” to “back-channel MRIs in the dead of night.”

Remember when Luis Severino was scratched from his live bullpen session last spring, and we were assured it was because it was his birthday and he’d been out celebrating? LOL. It was not.

Recall, if you will, all the way back to the postgame scrum on Monday afternoon, following the Yankees’ win over the Detroit Tigers. Aaron Boone laid bare the team’s pitching plans for Tuesday’s non-televised affair vs Baltimore: Jordan Montgomery to start, followed by Chad Green.

Then, the roster for that affair dropped, with Green nowhere to be found.

If that seems like something that could use a little explaining, then you’re a fan of the New York Yankees, but apparently not an employee of the team. Radio silence. They let it fester. A few people realized Miguel Andújar had also been removed.

What did it all mean? And if it was “nothing,” why wasn’t anyone assuring us? After all, this represented a pretty abrupt about-face from Boonie and Co.

So, Yankees…is Chad Green injured?

Then, in a flash, everything was cleared up on Tuesday morning — except the motivation for the whole ordeal, that is.

Boone’s media session began not with a bang, but with a whimper, as the manager casually admitted he’d decided to flip his plans around, holding Green back for a live BP session instead.

This is reportedly an effort to slow-play the team’s top relievers after a hectic and herky-jerky 2020 season.

Green was set to be the first of the team’s five back-end arms to appear in a game; we haven’t heard a hint of a whiff about Aroldis Chapman, Zack Britton, Darren O’Day or the recently-stranded-in-Texas Justin Wilson.

If we have to wait, we’re happy to do so, especially since this game isn’t in any way watchable.

But next time you’re going to firmly declare someone will appear in a game, then disappear him from the roster without a trace, send us some bullet points first, Yankees? We’re all a little jumpy this time of year.

And every time of every year.