Yankees: Luke Voit’s arms look monstrous in latest tweet


Yankees first baseman Luke Voit’s got muscles on his muscles.

No Yankee fan should ever forget when Luke Voit gave them in the shortened 2020 season.

And based on the message we’re receiving from Voit thus far in 2021, he’s going to make sure that’s impossible.

The ’20 MVP candidate found the right light to make his shoulders, bi’s, and tri’s all look ridiculous on Tuesday afternoon, and like any 30-something looking for interaction, he posted the photo directly to social media.

The general public needs a reminder that Voit is jacked about as much as they need a push notification that it’s still winter, but nevertheless, the Yankees first baseman and vocal leader was still more than happy to provide the message.


Yankees first baseman Luke Voit is still huge.

So, where can we bet on Voit surpassing Jose Abreu’s totals this time around?

If you recall all the way back to last summer, a svelte Voit was the talk of Summer Camp, and when he started slow, we even began to question whether he’d lost too much weight to be effective. Perhaps he was one of those in the CC Sabathia or David Wells vein. Maybe weight loss had left him slow and unbalanced.

Then, he caught flames and all was forgiven and forgotten.

This year, Voit’s physique is so low on the list of concerns that it appears right alongside hot queries like, “Is Aaron Judge still tall?”

But it never hurts to get a stark reminder of exactly how powerful his guns are — especially in an open carry state like Florida.

Last year, Voit’s muscles provided the Yankees with an ungodly 22 home runs in 56 games played, often carrying the load while the team’s other stars struggled or sulked.

Despite a bit of a physical makeover, the burly first baseman picked up right where he left off midway through ’19, when a ridiculously painful core injury sapped his strength.

Every day thus far of spring training brings a new reminder of just how crazy this group’s raw power potential is. And Voit’s memo to opposing pitchers won’t be the last.