Yankees players celebrate Brett Gardner’s return on Twitter and it’s awesome


Brett Gardner is back. The New York Yankees reportedly agreed to a deal with the veteran outfielder on Friday in a move that seemingly tied a bow on the offseason.

Love it or hate it, this is a smart move for the Bombers. The familiarity. The leadership. The defensive versatility. The lefty bat. The baserunning. Why would you not like this, especially if it’s not going to affect Clint Frazier whatsoever?

There will be injuries. It’s the same story every year. Every one of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Hicks and Frazier have some sort of an injury history. Then there are those much-needed off days. And who better than Gardner to step in?

Forget the fans who don’t like this, though. Both current and former Yankees were absolutely loving it when the news dropped on Friday night.

For those of you who think Frazier is worried about the Gardy signing or that it’s going to cut into his playing time, the man himself doesn’t seem to be concerned at all.

Yeah … we think they have a pretty good relationship. Frazier will be the starter, as Aaron Boone said this week, and Gardy will fill in as needed. But don’t touch those mock necks, old man!

Another fellow outfielder expressed his excitement with the deal. The face of the Yankees is happy about this, so you should be too.


Who wouldn’t want to attend a Gardy Party? Come on, guys. He had a career year in 2019, rebounded in a big way during the second half of 2020 and the postseason. That’s some darn good insurance to have coming off the bench.

Even Tyler Wade is pumped about it despite the fact Frazier revealed this offseason that Gardy loves to troll the utility infielder.

Maybe Wade has some tricks up his sleeve now that the reunion is almost official.

And finally, this isn’t a current Yankee, but he embodies everything that is the Bronx. CC Sabathia is amped that Gardner is back, per his Instagram. CC and Gardy were teammates for a long time and were the last two remaining Yankees from the 2009 World Series team up until the hefty lefty retired after the 2019 season.


Before you start worrying about this disrupting chemistry or that the Yankees “paid too much,” just know that Frazier said Gardner is “probably the best teammate he’s ever had” this offseason, the $4 million Gardy will earn in 2021 still keeps the team under the luxury tax threshold, and current and former players are loving this.

Good vibes heading into Opening Day, baby.