Yankees: When will Jasson Dominguez wear pinstripes?

A New York Yankees hat (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
A New York Yankees hat (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) /

In 2019, the Yankees signed international talent Jasson Dominguez, who is projected to make a big impact in the majors. But when is he expected to join the big-league roster?

At 18 years old, Dominican Republic native Jasson Dominguez has created a lot of buzz with the potential that he could bring to an MLB team — occasionally a little too much buzz, but we digress.

In July 2019, the Yankees used $5 million in international pool money to sign Dominguez. To use a majority of the total allotted money on one man shows that Dominguez could be a star in the making.

According to MLB.com, Dominguez ranks 32 out of the top 100 prospects, having just turned 18 in February. In 2020, he was also considered the number one prospect within the Yankees organization.

He is one of four prospects in the top 50 who last played in Rookie Ball — this will be the first year they play professional baseball.

Seeing as he’s already ranked in the top 50 overall and No. 1 within his organization, how long will it take for him to reach the Yankees’ roster? How much development does he need?

When will Jasson Dominguez join the Yankees?

The good news? They certainly don’t need him quite yet.

Looking at the roster long-term, the Yankees’ outfield seems to be stacked. The projected starters for 2021 — Clint Frazier, Aaron Hicks, and Aaron Judge — will also be the projected starters for 2022.

Presuming Judge bounces back from injury and puts up his usual stat line, he’s also due for a $250-$300 million extension. That makes a trio of outfielders locked down for an extended period of time, giving Dominguez plenty of time to develop. No need to see him in the outfield soon, as much as fans might be clamoring for him. This year’s bench possibly includes Greg Allen, Mike Tauchman, Jay Bruce and Derek Dietrich; the outfield depth is overflowing, while Dominguez plans his development at Single-A.

With all that in mind, MLB.com projects the estimated time of Dominguez’s arrival as 2024. With Hicks signed for six more years, Judge two years away from a likely extension, and Frazier proving he deserves to start, you have to wonder if any of the outfielders would make themselves expendable.

Over the next two years, we’ll need to see how Dominguez’s raw power develops and how his body grows. If the outfield is still full and he’s delivered on his power potential, maybe the Yankees would consider moving Dominguez to a different position, such as first base?

After all, he’s only a teenager. We know very little about the way he’ll develop, and though Yankee fans are champing at the bit to welcome Dominguez, Juan Soto-style, he hasn’t had a single organized at-bat yet.

This whole process will result in it taking a few years for him to reach the majors. That means that 2024 could be the realistic target date.