Yankees Schedule: NYY make wise decision on April start times


The New York Yankees’ schedule for 2021 is officially being prepped by MLB’s higher-ups.

They’re prepping that schedule anticipating fan attendance.

It’s all happening, and it’s glorious.

In case you’re the type of fan who plans your entire day around getting firmly in place to watch evening games — aka the best type of fan — the Yankees delivered a scheduling update on Thursday that should have you in bed a little earlier than anticipated.

After experimenting with a 6:35 start in 2020 during the fan-less campaign, the team has decided to stick with it during their upcoming April slate.

Other AL East start time experiments, like the Red Sox’ ungodly 7:30 p.m. games (why?) are being kicked to the curb, another clear innovation win for the Yankees.

The Yankees 2021 schedule got a little clarification on Thursday.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many mid-week April home games to go around, and this schedule clarification mostly applies to early sets with the Orioles and Braves, a two-gamer.

We have no idea yet how many people will be allowed in the building to experience these games live and in person, but the odds are extremely high it won’t be zero. Governor Andrew Cuomo laid the groundwork for peeling back such restrictions when he allowed Buffalo to fit fans into the stadium for the Bills’ home playoff games against the Colts and Ravens in January. He further altered things this week when he revealed the Knicks and Nets could fill their arenas at 10% capacity by Feb. 23, as long as the prioritized fans had negative PCR tests to their names.

Those are indoor activities, and that date is over a month before anyone needs to enter Yankee Stadium. All of these things bode well for the Bombers.

The team also gave fans clarity on Opening Day on Thursday, officially setting the start time for 1:05 p.m. against the Blue Jays. That means our first pitch to George Springer just might be the first pitch of the entire MLB campaign.

Though it may not feel like it, Spring Training begins within the next week (!), as pitchers and catchers ready to report … even though travel to Florida might be restricted in the coming days (hours?). Normal!

The Spring schedule might be cramped as MLB attempts to reduce unnecessary travel across the state, but we’ve still been gifted an overload of broadcasts, as YES Network plans to air 20 games from the slate.

Did I say an “overload”? I meant exactly the right amount of games.

Yankees baseball can’t come soon enough, and hopefully you and I will get to witness some of it without pressing our faces dangerously through wrought-iron gates.