Trevor Bauer offering weak apology to Mets fans after Super Bowl was sad


Shoutout to Trevor Bauer burying his apology to New York in the deluge of post-Super Bowl content. So glad the Yankees stayed miles away from this guy.

A key way of showing you’re genuinely remorseful for your actions is to broadcast your apology during the most visible moment possible. A quiet, contemplative break in the action where your words of wisdom can be parsed, analyzed, and absorbed by those you have hurt.

Nah. Can’t make that happen. What about the very end of the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl?

New Los Angeles Dodgers No. 3 (No. 4?) starter Trevor Bauer spent the waning seconds of his free agency trolling the Mets one final time, like a second-string guard dunking as the buzzer sounds up 12.

While the rest of the world believed this offseason’s prize was going to Flushing, as Bob Nightengale told us, the righty’s website began offering Mets shirts, featuring a cartoon Bauer enjoying the Big Apple. It also began emailing off promo codes to fans featuring the hashtag #LFGM, the intent of which there is no mistaking. These aren’t the kinds of things you do by accident. They’re either the result of gross web negligence or garden-variety immaturity.

Bauer would like Mets fans to believe that web page after web page were released due to pure incompetence, and he’s so confident in that theory he ripped off a multi-tweet thread while Tom Brady was on the podium snaggin’ that Lombardi.

Something tells me Bauer’s Twitter is going to alternate between pithy whining and 35-tweet apology threads for the next decade. If that interests you, then by all means, keep on following.

On top of everything insipid about this — the apology’s timing, the behavior in the first place, the dragged-out free agency process “unlike any other” — there can’t have been more teams than the Mets and Dodgers involved in these discussions. At least, not for the past several weeks. Bauer and his dedicated team couldn’t keep two different links straight?

Let’s also not forget that the Mets legitimately thought they had signed Bauer at one point last week, within the final 24 hours of the negotiation process. Perhaps that could’ve factored into the premature launch of all this merchandise? And perhaps it’s fair to be angry about what appears to be a reneging? No, not “negging”; that’s the way Bauer picks up women. Reneging.

Add in the fact that Bauer’s agent Rachel Luba was goofing with Mets Twitter in the wake of the all-important decision, and this apology rings hollower than the pitcher’s skull.

Bauer’s world-famous brand is mostly trolling, arguing, and seeking out teenagers to belittle in his spare time.

If you believe he’s really, truly sorry for this web “glitch,” then it might be worth asking him why he’s not quite as publicly sorry for the documented evidence he’s led countless abusive online mobs.

Looking forward to reading his personal account of that behavior at halftime of Game 7 of the NBA Finals.