Yankees: Latest Jameson Taillon update is great news for rehab timeline


Jameson Taillon could be available to the Yankees sooner than we thought.

Good news: Jameson Taillon has been looking lithe and ready for action 18 months removed from his second Tommy John surgery.

Bad news: What’s his innings limit? Will the Yankees ignore his readiness in favor of keeping him fresh and unrestricted for October?

Most believe Taillon, who was acquired to be a potential No. 2 starter in the 2021 postseason and to feast unencumbered during the 2022 season, will reach between 140-150 innings total this season. If only it were that simple; the limit is further compromised by the fact that nobody pitched a full season last year, and all the team’s potential starting pitching prospects will probably be capped at the same total.

We were led to believe it was possible — and maybe even likely? — that Taillon would be brought along slowly at the start of the season to account for that innings cap. But maybe not? According to those in the know, the righty is ready for his Spring Training report date, and has been displaying “exceptional control” during his recent throwing sessions.

Not only is Taillon battling back from an arm injury, but he’s doing so while trying to harness an entirely new motion, remaking an old windup that “disgusts” him upon rewatch these days.

The righty reportedly began throwing in earnest long before we knew he was potentially available, and even entertained coming back with the Pirates toward the tail end of the 2020 season before deeming it not worthwhile.

Since joining the Yankees, Taillon has been affably fine-tuning his arsenal, geared up to prove the doubters wrong after reuniting with his old running mate Gerrit Cole.

We have high hopes for Taillon regardless of context, and this update on his readiness only further underscores why he was such a valuable addition.

Is it really the wisest thing to have him using up precious innings in frigid April, though? Keep an eye out for the Yankees’ actual plan.

Just because Taillon feels ready doesn’t mean he’ll be on the mound.