Yankees: Could Joey Gallo be available after latest Rangers-A’s trade?


The New York Yankees need another lefty bat and some outfield depth. Could the answer now be out there on the trade market?

The Texas Rangers and Oakland Athletics agreed to an intra-division trade that saw slugger Khris Davis and shortstop Elvis Andrus switch spots. Considering the Rangers will not be contending in addition to the fact that Davis can play left field and the recently-signed David Dahl can play all three outfield spots, is there a chance Joey Gallo hits the trade block?

Gallo is just about the only guy on this entire roster that would fetch the Rangers significant assets in a trade, so it’s worth at least pondering given their situation. Plus, he’s only under club control in 2021 and 2022. It’s not like they’re going to build around him because of all the other pieces they need. He’s already 27 years old.

Texas is under new management after former player Chris Young took over the front office and Jon Daniels got reassigned, so perhaps the new philosophy that’s being implemented could benefit the Bombers.

Though Gallo feels like a repetitive piece, his power on the left side of the plate at Yankee Stadium would be electrifying, and that’s putting it lightly. On top of that, he can play first base and all three outfield spots, and even won a Gold Glove in 2020 for his work in right field! Manager Aaron Boone would sure love that reliable versatility in the event something happens, which we know will be the case.

Though Clint Frazier had a defensive renaissance, we’ll need to see more. And the health surrounding Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Hicks will forever remain a question mark, meaning there will likely be plenty of reps to go around. And if Luke Voit needs a day off? Gallo’s your man.

All of that for $6.2 million in 2021, which would still keep the Yankees under the luxury tax threshold? Sign us up!

Is this a rumor? No. But there’s always been some sort of distant connection between the Yankees and Gallo solely because the match made sense for a number of years. Though now it’s a bit crowded in the Bronx heading into 2021, we know there are never enough bodies — especially somewhat versatile ones — when you’re trying to field a World Series-winning roster.

Perhaps if the Rangers come to their senses, Gallo will have a new home come Opening Day and they’ll have a new crop of prospects to build around.