Brian Cashman’s Luis Severino update has Yankees fans asking a lot of questions


Just a day after the New York Yankees introduced DJ LeMahieu (again) and Corey Kluber after the two agreed to contracts almost two weeks ago, general manager Brian Cashman spoke to the media to answer a boatload of questions pertaining to the team’s recent transactions as well as the 2021 season.

One of the notable topics of discussion was Luis Severino, who continues to recover from Tommy John surgery after being diagnosed with a torn UCL right before spring training last year. Initially, some were optimistic he could be back for the start of 2021 at the time of the injury (after all, that put him in the 14-month timetable range after he underwent surgery on Feb. 27). Well, not gonna happen! Not even close.

Let’s put that closer to the 19-month range, which is yet again another disappointing update on the injury front. Are we surprised by that? Not really, but what Cashman said after that really has fans asking questions now.

Ummm … is there a chance Severino isn’t a starter in 2021? Is that what we’re reading right now? This whole rotation has seemingly been predicated on Kluber, Severino and Jameson Taillon returning to full strength, or, at least 75% of their usual selves, and now we’re talking about subtracting one of those guys from the equation?

Why removed a potential variable that could move the needle immensely? Many would argue Severino’s ceiling post-surgery is a lot higher than that of Jordan Montgomery, Domingo German, Deivi Garcia and Clarke Schmidt. We’re just being realistic.

Then again, if we want to be optimistic about it, Severino as a potential bullpen weapon would be … incredibly intriguing? He certainly possesses the stuff to be wildly successful in short spurts, and given the fact the Yankees still need some help in that department, it’s not the craziest idea we’ve ever heard.

Who knows? Maybe he’s eased back into action as a reliever, then gets some spot starts, then gets his job in the rotation back. Maybe Corey Kluber throws 200 elite innings!

Nonetheless, there’s a lot to question about how he’s being handled right now and once he returns. A 19-month recovery seems like a really long time and his usage upon return is hardly set in stone.

For now, fans will really be hoping Kluber and Taillon are the answer.