Yankees: Deivi Garcia doesn’t seem happy about Adam Ottavino and Masahiro Tanaka news


Was Yankees prospect Deivi Garcia good buds with Adam Ottavino and Masahiro Tanaka?

Doesn’t it stink that fans are usually coerced into rooting for the “business” that is the sports organization, rather than the players who comprise the roster of said organization? At the end of the day, your allegiance is to the business. You root for the New York Yankees, not a handful of players.

That’s why fans seeing Adam Ottavino get traded to the Boston Red Sox and the writing on the wall for Masahiro Tanaka rightfully aren’t “happy” about it. Most would agree they’re the right moves — Otto’s decline over the last year has proven that $9 million is far too much for his services in 2021, while Tanaka’s reported $15 million asking price just doesn’t fit with what the Bombers are trying to do.

And if the fans aren’t exactly thrilled with the decisions but understand they’re necessary evils, then how do we think the players are feeling?!

Well, Deivi Garcia gave us a hint via his Instagram story on Tuesday.

That appears to be Tanaka on his near left followed by Ottavino on his far left, if we’re not mistaken. But we could use some confirmation there. And the emoji? We all know what that means.

One could venture to say that Tanaka helped the young right-hander with his development during his debut MLB season in 2020. And everyone knows Otto was more or less a character of sorts in the bullpen, so we’re sure he and Garcia had plenty of conversations during their down time. Could that explain this post from the 21-year-old?

Teammates are bound to be unhappy when they see their buddies depart due to “money issues” given all they know about the billion-dollar entities that employ them. But in an offseason like no other, even the $5 billion New York Yankees are looking to cut costs.

That doesn’t mean it’s going to hurt any less, though, right Deivi?