Yankees: Gerrit Cole’s welcome for Jameson Taillon is awesome


New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole is very ready for Jameson Taillon to join him in pinstripes, per Instagram.

If the Yankees are going to look at every solution possible and attempt to reclaim value from the depths of the free agent pile for their rotation, they could do much worse than trying to reunite a powerful duo.

Say what you will about Jameson Taillon’s recovery or the likelihood of his stuff reaching 100% effectiveness after a furious comeback, but he and Gerrit Cole certainly bring a kinship to the front of this rotation, and will be in lock step throughout the 2021 season.

See, Cole and Taillon weren’t just young Pirates pitchers together, highly regarded at the top of their games. They were Spring Training roommates and cultural cousins who seem to have the same taste in both dorky pitching charts and red wine.

Needless to say, Cole welcomed his brother to the Bronx with aplomb.


The Bombers’ ace definitely feels like he pulled off a coup (not a real coup) this offseason after recommending his partner in crime (not real crimes) to Brian Cashman and actually watching the team finagle it.

After all, once the deal was consummated it leaked that the Rays had also checked out Taillon heavily, which would’ve felt like a shoulder-slumping disaster.

From everything we’ve heard so far, Taillon appears to be a Cole clone who’s worked tirelessly to revamp his arsenal and mechanics after the injury bug bit yet again in early 2019 — the righty even claims that footage of his old motion “disgusts” him these days.

Needless to say, that’s likely not what he and Cole watched together on their wine nights.

The Taillon deal feels like a perfect storm thus far for the Yankees.

Cole gets placated, the price was definitely right for a buy low, everyone the Pirates let free further develops, and the Yankees get a hard-worker hell-bent on performing who could’ve been Tyler Glasnow 2.0 for the Rays.

We echo Cole’s greeting in full.